Think! Challenge- Week 7

This week's challenge is:
Use the materials below to build a car. No scissors! Then, see if you can make it roll down a ramp. If it rolls, measure how far it goes and send your pics and results!
4 sheets of paper
2 pencils
2 markers
scotch tape
Since we had about 30 minutes before Cale went to bed and I just read the newest challenge, i handed over the items and gave them the directions.
Cale got right to work. He needed a lot of reminding that his car should roll....he wanted to tape down everything. The only make-shift ramp we had at the moment was a 2ft long cardboard box. So we set it at a slight incline and his car made it all the way down and the "wheels" fell off upon reaching the bottom. He used 2 pencils, 2 markers with the lids off, 3 sheets of paper and some tape.

After a 10 minute rant about the task being impossible. How he needed something that could actually roll and there was NO WAY EVER he could possibly build something with just these items. He finally closed his mouth and started to work- using Cale's progress as a jumping off point. Within about 5 min he was done. His car also made it down our 2 ft ramp. He used 1 piece of paper, 2 pencils and the lids of his markers- he had chosen double sided markers- and some tape.

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  1. These are the coolest challenges. I really enjoy reading what your boys do with them. Sounds like something I might have to do with my boys...

  2. Wow! Thank is a considerable challenge. I think I'd be stuck!

  3. I'm so glad he stuck with it. They are not easy but it does get easier and it really teaches kids a lot about how things work. You'll find them transferring these simple building skills to other circumstances in no time. My kids are older and they did this for the first time last year; now, it is relatively easy for them and I've seen them succeed at building all sorts of things I never thought a girl would build!

  4. Heehee, I had to laugh when you said he thought it was impossible :) My son said the same thing when he was trying to figure out how to make wheels! Love the marker lid idea, that would make such nice smooth wheels. Ours were a little lumpy but they still worked :) Have a great week,