Meet Mr. Gallon and other schoolish happenings

Meet Mr. Gallon.... This week we have been talking about volume and today we worked on some conversions. So we made Mr. Gallon. All but the gallon jug are proportionally correct. First I asked Rylan if he remembered how many quarts are in a gallon (we did these conversions with water, jugs, jars and measuring cups on Monday) He correctly remembered 4 and I had them label the 4 quart pieces. Then gave them the other pieces for them to figure out how many pints in a quart, cups in a pint, cups in a gallon, pints in a gallon, etc... Then we started in on the contstruction with the overall construction being similar to our human structure. The quart being the upper arms and legs, the pints being the 2 bones in the forearm and the tibia/fibula of the leg and the cups being the fingers/toes (only 8 though). We also have had this book out of the library for a few weeks
Max's Words It's a really cute book. So today we cut out words from magazines. Once we had a good stack we sorted them into piles: noun, verbs and other (I did tell them what they were preposition, adjective, adverb, etc... but we didn't seperate them completely or I would have lost Cale's attention). Then they set to work making sentences by picking a noun and a verb and adding from there.
Here's Cale's final product. His favorite was the top one: "Go wash the car with chocolate". Then for their writing they copied thier sentences. Rylan wrote all his. And Cale wrote the above sentence twice. The first one ended up looking like this: Gowashthe carwith choc olate. So I rewrote it again and he copied it again with proper spacing.
We've been having handwriting troubles with Cale and I think I have finally found something that has him showing much improvement. Ground, grass and sky paper. He was having a lot of trouble staying anywhere near the lines and his letters were all over the place his a's looked like q's since he would drop them so far, but it was amazing how neat he is writing just using this paper!


  1. Great resource for handwriting! I'm going to use that with Fuchsia, she has the same problems as Cale. OK, so "Cale" is pronounced like "Kale" right? Like the vegetable? So how is Cohen and Lakin pronounced? Co-hen and Lake-in? I don't know why this is suddenly important to me, but it is!

    Thanks, you've gotten me motivated!

  2. You have the most fantastic ideas! You never cease to amaze me!

  3. Your amazing. I have told you this before, but wow. You really are.


  4. Nice to meet Mr. Gallon. He looks like a really cool guy. We've done lots of activities with capacity as well.