Wonderful Things

Here are a few items from our school week that we have been enjoying:

I love this series of books. They are by Brian P. Cleary, the series is Words Are Categorical. My boys have loved reading through them this week. We have started each day with a different one so far....we will read the book, brainstorm huge list of words and then their writing assignments are based on them. Monday we just wrote nouns, Tuesday simple sentences with a noun and verb. Today adjective and noun pairs. Tomorrow we will put them together into sentences a little more complex. I plan on getting a couple more from the library so we can continue. Plus...Cale loves making up the silliest sentences he can think of and Rylan, of course, is much more realistic.

Color. I love color. We've been reading the Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow, Little Blue and Little Yellow (for Lakin and Cohen) and a book called A Color Sampler which has a lot of visuals and designs based on the color wheel. So we have been exploring with our oil pastels- which is one of my favorite mediums.

Learning new things. Rylan has been wanting to really learn multiplication. We took a break between where we stopped in his subtraction book to learn a little more about place value. I figured since he could subtract (and add ) 1,298,342,234 and 3,456,646,565 he should be able to read past the 1000s place. So now that he can read up in the trillions we started an intro to multiplication. I used the bead stairs I made a few months back and the multiplication exercises I printed online. (this site has them for add, sub, mult and div). We were going to do zero today, but he was so excited about how easy that rule was he wanted to do x1 too. And since that was so easy he wanted to do x2. He figured out the patten immediately and I love seeing him so excited. Cale is using the addition excercises this week to start on the road to memorizing his addition facts.

And of course we love and enjoy the friendly dragon that has been dancing around the house all week...


  1. This post could not have come at a better time Sarah. Cyan just finished her Explode the Code books and she is ready for something with a little more form and function to it. And Alex needs some serious grammer brush up.... these are PERFECT! I got them on hold from my library already. :)

    Thanks for being an awesome homeschooler. :)


  2. Would you Email me?



  3. Now that friendly dragon is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! And thanks for the heads up on the Words are Categorical series. That is just perfect. In fact, I was just thinking about parts of speech today and how to really delve into them...requesting from the library as we speak...

  4. OK, your name is Sadie, right? Just checking to see if you are fellow Sarah and I missed that somewhere...
    I love your ideas! I'm stealing some of them because we are so hard up right now for some ORDER.
    I love the dragon too, we've had a unicorn around here lately. Maybe we should get them together for a little fairy land play!

  5. Rylan reads into the TRILLIONS???!

    OK, I'm going to not try comparing kids then. My guys are still struggling with the difference between "tens," and "tenths." We're only working up to millions.

    You have some cute boys there. Aunt Amy seems more like a cousin and I'll bet they're really looking forward to her visit. :]

  6. Greetings! First time reader, first time commenter. We've got one of those little dragons hanging in the closet waiting for this Friday. Boy, he's going to be cute!

    BTW, found your blog from Arby's.

    Live from the mountain (