Proud Boy, Proud Mom

A few weeks ago Rylan started writing numbers. Not too suprising. In kindergarten he would write numbers on a whiteboard for hours (yes that is an exaggeration). He got to 230 before he ran out of room on the paper. Somewhere during this time I told him if he got to 1000 I'd give him a prize. (From our prize box that has a bunch of random items in it) Cale of course wanted to know what he could do to get a prize. I told him he could write to 100.

Today he (Cale) finished. It took him 3 days once he decided to actually take on the challenge. Once again my camera batteries are acting up, so no smiling face holding his paper- but he was oh so proud of it. And I am so proud of how focused he was. And how well he knew the numbers.
Backwards numbers and all.
Now if I can only get him to stop skipping 13 and 16 when he counts objects?
His prize: a little plastic man with a plastic parachute attached. He played with it for an hour- throwing it as high as he could. Then the parachute broke....:)


  1. What great accomplishments! Homeschoolers find the funniest ways to pass the time. =)

    The butterfly pics below are priceless!

  2. that is so awesome! good for daughter Bekah skipped 16 for a long time also....

  3. Sweet!

    We just did a similar activity with Fuchsia, who hates number writing as much as she hates it when her sister hits her with hard toys. Painful.

    But, she did do it, backwards numbers and all, as well.