History with Billy Joel

My 2 oldest have a new favorite song. After constantly being asked to play the song off my playlist here I dug out my old Storm Front CD and handed it over. They listen to it every night now.

Which song? We Didn't Start the Fire. So I figure while they are constantly listening to it, why not explain some of the references made in the song? They already know a few. They know Buddy Holly and how he died. They know Elivs and the Beatles. I explained what "JFK blown away" refers to.

So yesterday at the library I picked up a couple books on 2 figrues named in the first stanza of the song. Harry Truman and Joe DiMaggio. Today we started reading Harry S Truman Missouri Farm Boy by Wilma J Hudson. They really enjoyed the chapters we read (we read 3). It starts off in his childhood- around age 4 and goes up to his death in 1972. While I was reading they colored the Harry Truman picture from this coloring book.

Sometime in the next week we'll get to joe DiMaggio too. I'll admit my boys know very little about the game of baseball. 3 strikes, running bases, and hitting might be about it. So we will probably play some and talk about the game in general in addition to talking about Joltin' Joe.

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  1. That is so awesome....I love that song...and will have to "borrow" this idea from you!