We're going downtown....

We spent the [very cold] afternoon in Knoxville, down by the World's Fair Park. Amy's science teacher told her to try and see the Sunsphere while she was here we paired that trip with a fun day at Fort Kid. Fort Kid is big wooden playground dowtown, it's been around for awhile- I remember when I was in the 4th grade they had us kids draw designs in school to help in the planning, so they could create something kids would really enjoy. It was cold and windy and not at all sunny, but they had a blast running around....and I ran around with my camera and shadowing Lakin to keep myself warm.

After falling a few times, Lakin spent most of his time in the rocks and chasing chickadees all over the place.

Last time we were here, Cohen could hardly hold his own....this time I don't think I saw him once he was up there...




Finally my mom and I had enough and we trekked off for the Sunsphere. We've only ever been up in it once before, but they had just as much fun....being 200+ ft up in the air makes everything more exciting.

The Sunsphere: This unusual object was built for the 1982 World's Fair. It is a 266 foot tall steel tower. At the top is a five-story globe made up of bronze-coated reflective glass. It is the most recognizable landmark in Knoxville and quickly became the city's unofficial symbol, though it does adorn many official documents. During the fair, there was a restaurant in the globe. Now there's only a museum, but you can still go to the top and take in the view.


  1. What a neat attraction! It's just the sort of fun unusual thing we like to visit. I prefer that to crowded places full of tourists. :-D

    I love that park, too. We have one similar in design in Mora and the kids love playing on it/ in it.

  2. LOL Looks like Amy grew a fair bit from the last pic, like a foot! Everyone looks like they had a great time!

  3. Looks like you had fun...we need to get to Ft. Kidd more often, and have never been to the sunsphere....

  4. We have a park about 30 miles away like that. It is called Penny Park. I helped build it when I was 14... we collected penny's and other change in old Culigan bottles. It is such a cool memory for me!

    The sunsphere sounds really neat. I wonder if there is something like that in Seattle?


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