Caterpillar, Caterpillar....

We were out back a few evenings ago and I was checking the passionflower seed pods to see if they were ready and I found a caterpillar on a weed near the compost/passion flower "area". We- the boys and I- looked it over. Rylan immediately thought it would be one of these (he was right). And Cale guessed that it ate the milkweed (which also resides in the compost pile with the passion flowers). While we were observing Paul found another of the same type on the handle of the pitch fork. So into the house they came....

And here is my lovely new dining room table centerpiece....caterpillars and a froglet...

All I need is to hatch out the remaining Aquasaur eggs....at least it is an interactive nature exhibit while we eat.

So while the boys were in the bath went to make an I.D. It was fairly easy to do....since we found numerous chrysalises in that area of the garden before and we recently found out it's identity at the butterfly garden at the zoo: the Fritillary. The first few places I looked....all I could find was that Fritillaries are very picky and eat only violet leaves. We have no violets around. And then I came across the Gulf Fritillary. And guess what it eats? Passion Flower.

By mid-day yesterday one was already hanging from the ceiling of our butterfly tent and the other was demolishing the leaves. Last night we went hunting and found a third caterpillar and brought it in as well. As of right now all 3 are hanging. The first one's chysalis is completely formed the other 2 have just attached and should be about done by morning.

Hopefully this time around we won't miss the butterflies emerging like we did with the cabbage worms!


  1. how cool is that... hope the boys get to see the butterflies emerge

  2. That is COMPLETELY cool! I am excited for you.

    We don't have quite that type of luck with caterpillars. The one we caught a couple weeks ago was found dead one day. It was sad.

    Love Val