Art unit- Lesson 1

I have planned a different unit for each of our 4 week-blocks for this year. First up is Art. My kids like to draw/create etc, but since I wanted to add a little bit more art/drawing in general into our units- especially science, I want them to be able to make a good attempt at drawing what they see. Rylan especially has a tendency to say he can't and not even try. So we are starting simple and building up. Today and yesterday we worked on lesson 1 which was lines.

First were exercises in parallel lines
Then exercises in angles

Then exercises in diagonal lines

Then observation of the works of others
And finally on to original artwork, with the focus being on using lines

Rylan chose to go the abstract route


And Cale's


  1. That is really nice. A simple productive way to teach art, what are you using? I always have a hard time giving the kids art (learning)that is and not just creating but, actually learning something behind it.
    I also want to say thank you for sharing all your zucchini recipes we especially loved the pancakes and chocolate zucchini cake.


  2. Looks like fun! What lovely creations!

  3. That is WONDERFUL! I am starting a meet the masters class for my homeschool group in two weeks and one of the weeks studies is on line drawings. I think you did an amazing job! And look at his picture! It's beautiful!


  4. I like your approach of using 4-week blocks. It's a neat idea. I know Miah would love to have a month devoted to art. Looks like a great lesson too.