Directed Art

While looking for examples to print out for the observation portion of our Art Unit I stumbled across a wonderful art blog: Deep Space Sparkle: Art Lessons for Kids. I really loved a lot of the ideas and lessons she has shared. It also made me realize that we have been seriously lacking in this subject here at our house. When Rylan and Cale were small we did a lot of arts and crafts. They've gotten less and less over the years, mostly because my tastes have changed and I like freedom of expression. But I really enjoyed art class when I was in school, and while the subject and method was predetermined each person can put some of themselves into what they create and each piece turns out differently.

So since our art unit is more fundamental, and I am hoping for them to learn certain techniques and mechanics, I would also like to add more directed art to our lives. So this morning we painted penguins. It was nice that it started with the basic shapes- an large oval for the body and small for the head- since we covered that back in lesson 2. And then adding the lines to form the rest of the penguin. Filling in the background- which will be part of Lesson 6 on empty space next week- and finally completing the penguin.




  1. I love these pictures the kids have made!! Every child is a big artist, isnt'it?

  2. What wonderful lessons you are making! Once again, you are a genius!

    I loved penguins when I was a kid. I even had a stuffed penguin that came everywhere with me named Greta. Have you listened to Mr Popper's Penguins yet? You can get it from the library on audio book. It may be a fun addition to your art study.


  3. We are ok Sarah. Thanks for the post. I was just really angry. I will actually be deleting that post in a few minutes. Don just got his tires slashed. Sometimes I hate his whole profession. No one else in this country is hated more. It just sucks. They are so needed, and so hated. Anyhow... He really doesn't want attention brought to being a cop right now. And I can understand why.

    Thanks so much for the well wishes. They were needed... {{{hugs}}}

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your links and fantastic lessons in art. I'm finding so much inspiration right now, I could just explode! Those penguins are super awesome (tell the boys I said so). We are going to do the color unit today with the colorwheel scarecrows she shows on her site and I'm so excited!
    Thanks again for the awesomicity.