Art unit- Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Shapes

We began with exploration of shapes- angles, sides, corners, types of lines within, etc. We drew shapes and drew pictures using only shapes. We looked at various art pieces that primarily used shapes either in a completely abstract format or to create something real.

Final exercise was a still life. Starting with the basic shape of the items in front of them- an apple and a vase with a flower in it.

Rylan's work in progress

Then moving on to shading and adding more to the basic shape until it more closely resembled the real object.

Cale's apple

Rylan's finished work

Rylan began to get frustrated with his flower....I rather liked it. When he was done I showed him a copy of Van Gogh's sunflowers and pointed out some of the similarities. I know he suffers from the same problem I have- not being able to get the picture in your head out on paper and it can be frustrating. But I think it helps him a lot to see artists' interpretations of real items, seeing that a drawing shouldn't look like a photograph.


  1. Those are awesome pics. It looks like Cale really got the concept of shading. Daniel is the same way, he sees something in his head and gets really frustrated when he can't get it to turn out the same way. He is taking the Art class at Monday Fun so maybe that will help. You are doing a great job with this Art unit. How is your week going?

  2. Beautiful artwork! Rylan, I love your flower and it really does look a lot like Van Gogh's. Cale, great apple - makes me hungry!

  3. Wow, boy's artworks are so amazing!

    We just got a fantastic art curriculum program from the library and I cannot wait to try it all out!

  4. I was wondering...are you using a specific curriculum for your art units or are you creating these yourself?

    I'd be very interested in learning more about it, either way!

    If you wouldn't mind passing that information along you can either respond in my comments on my blog, or email me at mommymahem_oftwo@yahoo.com

    Thanks a bunch--this is very impressive!

  5. I wrote this unit myself, based on what I wanted them to know and be able to do.