A Holiday Weekend

The 4th started of with a bang. Or a crash rather. About an hour after Paul left for work, Cale and Rylan were out riding their bikes. Cale turned to sharp, fell and busted his chin. Wide open. Paul came home, and we went to the ER. A couple hours and 4 stitches later we were on our way home. We stopped for lunch and a treat and he started to complain about his jaw and teeth. Further inspection showed he chipped 2 teeth- upper and lower first molars. Hopefully we can get into the dentist tomorrow to see how bad they are. And the stitches come out on Friday.

After Paul came home from work, again, we started to dig into the fireworks. This is the first year we've ever bought fireworks- there are perks to selling a car to the manager of a firework warehouse, such as 60% off.

The kids were so excited....usually they are excited just to watch neighborhood explosions from our yard, but this year our 2 neighbors both had some to set off, plus ours, plus the random ones we can see from our yard. And I got over my aniexty once the sparklers were gone.

Sunday was fishing and playing up in Townsed. Lakin nearly caught his first fish....he handed the pole to his dad and walked away about a second before it bit. He was still excited since it was on his pole.
And of course there was food. Paul's mom and Grandmother were up this time....which means lots of food. I think they ate more than played.

Aside from the start, it was a great weekend. And we all woke up ready today for the first day of our new school year. 3rd grade, 1 st grade, Pre K and Preschool.....

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