Open For Business

What to do when you have eggs overflowing the refrigerator and tomatoes overflowing the counters?
Sell them of course.

This is what the boys did yesterday afternoon while I mowed the front yard. The set up a stand at the end of the driveway, made their signs and filled up the table. Rylan rode his bike up to the end of the road and taped a sign on stop sign.

You have to admire their dedication. They ended up out there for over 3 hours. Getting more and more excited with each sale. Thank goodness for good neighbors!

The highlight of the day had to be the man who drove up in a very cool car- to Rylan's standards- old, lime green, huge wheels and shiny rims.

"What are you guys selling today?"

"Eggs and tomatoes"

"Well I don't want any eggs or tomatoes, but you guys look like you are working really hard, so here"

and he hands them a bill, they say thank you and he drives off. I was down at the house, that was our deal- if they wanted to do it they had to do all the talking and change giving, and they could keep the money. Cale comes skipping up the driveway to tell me. I assumed he gave them a dollar....but no....he gave them $5! You've never seen more excited kids.

Grand total for their sale- $21.50. Which was much more than I would have thought, Rylan divided up the money between the 4 of them, giving me the remainder. They have big spending plans today.


  1. That looks like such a fantastic idea. Do the boys take internet orders? :-) We are sorely in need of homegrown tomato goodness here in MN, our tomatoes are all still green!

    How awesome for that gentleman to support homegrown agriculture when he didn't even need the product--hey! I think that makes you a CSA!!!

    Congratulations guys!

  2. That was a great idea.
    Congratulations kiddos hope you all buy something wonderful...I am sure you will all that hard work. :)


  3. That's so cute! Miah's been wanting to have a lemonade stand and yard sale for months now, but I keep putting her off. Maybe I should just let her do it. Can't believe they made so much!

  4. I love it! Great idea. Wish I lived close to you. I would definitely be a loyal customer.

  5. That is SO completely cute! I love that the guy was so sweet.