Harvest Update- July

Total produce grown in July:

!!! 286.52 lbs !!!

that brings the total to 388.8 lbs for the year!

including bean, peppers, cantaloupes,

herbs, cucumbers, zucchini, corn

And tomatoes.

Speaking of tomatoes. Of that 286 lb total....199 lbs of it was tomatoes!

What exactly does one do with nearly 200 lbs of tomatoes in 1 month? I have a freezer FULL of tomato sauce, we canned whole and crushed tomatoes. We ate A LOT of them raw. We made ketchup, sold some, made lots of salsa and ate lots of bruschetta. I made chili and vegetable soups.

I am very proud of that number. I have never kept track before, so I have no clue how it compares to our normal produce amount, but nearly 400 lbs of food grown by me and my family; from plants started from seed by me, I am happy.

The tomatoes are starting to taper off, as are the cucumbers. The sweet potatoes are huge and bushy and growing everywhere, but it will be awhile before I can dig them up to see what is actually under the earth. The butternut squashes are hanging in and the beans are still producing. We have a dozen or so more melons we'll see what August brings.


  1. You did great. Are those your sunflowers? I don't remember seeing the actually flowers when we were over there. They are huge. You'll have enough sauce to probably get you through the winter. It's cool to be able to grow your own food. I hope we can grow more next year. The more self-sustaining you can be the better.

  2. That's amazing! I'd really like to try the harvest challenge next year just out of curiosity. The sunflower picture is really pretty.

  3. That is completely amazing!!! I have never tried to measure what I grew before. I will have to try next year... it sounds so rewarding to know that YOU did that! Your tomato sauce looks incredible. Is that the recipe that you got from my site? How did it store?? I am so curious, becuase I am about ready to make some. :)


  4. The jars are actually the ketchup....that was a process...over 12 hours from start to finish. 25 lbs of tomatoes for 5 pints. The sauce I just froze....I wasn't sure how to can it and we don't have a pressure canner....but I have about 50 bags in the freezer of sauce- I didn't measure....but probably in 2 cup portions. So far all the boys are eating is as is on pizza and pasta so that is an amazing success in my book! So thanks again for sharing the recipe, Val!