Art unit- Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Patterns

Today we started by talking about what a patterns is and some examples of them from around the room and in nature. We made up patterns of shape, color, letters, number, words, etc.

Then we moved on to observation. The prints I chose were of some of Kandinsky's works and MC Escher's works, especially his tessellations. We discussed the patterns in each piece, whether it was a color patterns, shape pattern, etc.

And on to our first exercise. Here is Lakin's, he was very proud.
But on to the lesson. I gave them each a piece of 1-in graph paper (printed for free from somewhere online). Then we traced their hand with a black sharpie onto the paper. Then we did a quick detour to discuss warm and cool colors and I had them choose 2 of each (Cale chose 3) and decide if they wanted the majority of the paper cool-colored or warm-colored. Then they began. Inside the hand print they did an alternating pattern with one set of colors and outside the hand they did a pattern with the other set of colors. I really like these.

Here's Cale's
And Cohen's
And Rylan's

Our next exercise was to draw their own patterns. I sectioned each of their papers in their sketch books into 8 triangles using masking tape and using a black crayon they made a different pattern in each section- stripes, dots, zigzags, spirals, etc. Some where more thorough than others :)

Once they were done with the crayon patterns, I brought out the watercolors to fill in all the white space around the drawings.

Once they were dry we peeled the tape off....





That's it for lesson 5! Up next, Empty Space.


  1. I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE THIS!! You have so beautiful art ideas!

  2. I can't wait until we get to this lesson, because I have a similar plan for the masking tape exercise.

    Again, fabulous job boys!

    Today is color, color, color!

  3. Beautiful pics, guys! Sort of a hippie Union Jack look on those last ones. :]

  4. I love how those turned out! Great lessons and projects!

  5. Dear Sadie, here I am again. I would let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! Yours is one of my favourite homeschooling inspiration blogs. Bye!

  6. gracias por la idea, me sirvió para desarrollar otra con mis alumnos. Un saludo desde Barcelona (Spain)