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in no time flat. And it is oh-so-good!

One of the main reasons I planted so many tomato plants this year was so I could store salsa, sauce and tomatoes for the off-season. We are picking over 5lbs a day right now- tonight we got over 7 lbs. Just tomatoes. I canned about 4 quarts of crushed tomatoes a few days ago, but the problem is it is so time consuming- and messy- to blanch and peel and seed and core all of them. Which is why this sauce is so good. It's not canned, but can be frozen.

You can find the recipe at Collecting the Moments....thanks Val! Or the original at Delicious Wisdom. I added onion into mine- just 2 very small ones.

Best of it is the tomatoes, onions, and herbs all came from the garden. Only the garlic (and oil/vinegar came from outside our home)


  1. Oh my goodness I'm insanely jealous right now! So, so much!

    I thought I'd mention that I'm no longer "A Beatrice in Lipstick" on your blogroll! :-) I'm now a much improved "Homeschool on the Edge of Nowhere". Yup, that's me!

    Take care you salsa-crazed woman! Jealous!

  2. Looks sooooo good. We also planted many tomato plants this year for salsa and sauce.

    Your pictures are making me hungry. Even though I'm sure 6 am is far too early to be eating anything salsay or saucey...or not?

  3. The sauce looks yummy! I've been making lots of salsa.