Got Tissues?

It's been a pain of a weekend around here. I was forewarned last Tuesday that the boys talked to a snotty nosed kid at the library. Sure enough, Thursday morning Lakin wakes up with a runny nose. Gradually gets worse through the day and 2 hours after going to bed he is awake and crying. Sleeps on me and kicks Paul in the head all night. Friday I get complaints of sore throats from Rylan and Cale. About an hour after they go to bed, Cale has gone from not sick to SICK. Hacking, dry cough. Screaming. He slept on the "bed" on the floor next to our bed, screaming the better half of all night. Rylan is "coughing" and "very sick"; in comparison he's got the sniffles, but....Cohen is the champion snotty sneezer.
Then for night 3:
This little one decides he's not going to go to bed in Saturday. Thought he'd talk on the phone for a bit instead. He normally goes to bed at 7:30. His night ended with me having flashbacks of newborn night time colic. Him having a too tired tantrum which ended finally to him collapsing on Paul in the bathroom with the shower running. It was past 11pm.
They are on the mend, I suppose. There's only so much snot I can handle at once.


  1. Oh, so icky! I hope you all clear up fast so you can enjoy this beautiful week!

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear your kiddos are so sick.
    We have a dry cough that is very annoying and some fevers but, nothing what you have going on.
    I do hope it all passes soon.


  3. Sarah, that sounds so tough! Luckily, I am the only one sick over here... I hope they are better now!

    Lots of love!