Hot Air Balloon Festival

We made it to the Hot Air Balloon Festival last night. The weather wasn't the best for ballooning so they didn't lift off, but they had a choreographed balloon glow set to music. My camera was acting up. I charged the batteries just before we left but they were on red as soon as I turned it on and died just as the glow those pictures didn't turn out too well...

We got there at about 5:00 and watched a little dog show before walking down to the pond to set up our blanket and eat our dinner. Just after we ate the balloonists began their set up...stretching the tarps, stretching the balloons, filling the balloons and finally tipping them upright. The boys were mesmorized. The glow wasn't until 8pm and so from about 6:30-8 they stood (or jumped) as they watched. They were so excited and giving thier commentary.

Stretching them out. This one here was the big one. It took 30-45 minutes just to stretch it out completely. It's the Energizer Bunny! Here it is (nearly) full of air. It had just lifted and only the drum still hadn't inflated. The one next to it, The Mayflower, was having some technical difficulties as well. It took off a little bit real low to the ground and got out over the water. It was still tetherd to the van and had a few men pulling ropes but they couldn't get it back over land. It dipped into the water 3-4 times and almost ran into the fountain.

Almost full!

All the way up!
That's about the only shot of them I got. I didn't have enough battery power to snap away like I usually do. There were 23 balloons total. The 3 they were giving tethered balloon rides from went down before the glow. And 3 inflated but must have had some sort of trouble because they deflated and packed them back up before the glow began...they did still participate by blasting their flames from the baskets, just no balloon.

And look!!
Notice the toothless grin!!! FINALLY after month and months of back to back loose teeth. They are finally out. The child needs to relearn table manners and how to eat. He's been eating all weird from the side of his mouth for so long, so he wouldn't touch his loose teeth. The top one popped out on it's own. The bottom one, which was loose and ready for about 3 months, he finally let me pull out...but only after it turned completely around backwards and he couldn't get it back to the right way....I just hope we have a break before the next go round.


  1. how cool is that. too bad the weather wasn't cooperating. Now you'll have to have the boys do a project on ballooning as a science lesson

  2. Ms. Sadie, Rylan, Cale, Cohen, & Lakin.

    My name is Kevin Knapp and I fly the Mayflower Hot Air Balloon.

    To help with your ballooning education and to answer questions raised by comments on your blog, I write to let you know that I did not have any difficulties during my short flight over the lake Saturday night, nor did I 'almost run into' the fountain.

    Because weather prohibited free flight as scheduled, I inflated my balloon and took it over the water to entertain spectators like you and the boys before we started the Glow.

    To practice the skill of 'level flight' we often fly the balloon over water to skim the surface and see how close we can keep it there. This is called a "splash and dash". As the Mayflower is a ship, I meant to keep it out over the water and my crew was able to pull the balloon back safely over land when it was time for the Glow.

    It looks and sounds like you and the boys had a great time.

    As it is getting close to Thanksgiving, and you home school the boys, I offer a picture of the Mayflower Balloon and the Mayflower II taken last August in Plymouth, MA.

    Thank you for coming out to see the balloons and support the college!

    Kevin Knapp
    Mayflower Balloon Pilot.

  3. OH WOW!

    I wish we saw cool things like this up where we live. This is so darned cool!

    You guys are lucky duckies!

    BTW, it took Fuchsia 3 months to work a front tooth out and it was loose! In fact the dentist offered to pull it for her, but she said "No thanks" :-) No dummy her, she knew that meant a shot of novacaine. :-)

  4. I love hot air balloons. I wish we had a show near our home to take the children to. Great pictures of the balloons.

    Love the toothless grin!!