Homeschool Memoirs: Routines

Over the years I've tried a number of routines. First I tried 30 min-hour blocks of time. That was left behind in no time. We are incapable of following a routine based on time. So other than starting school at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, snack at 2:30 and dinner at 5:30 we are timeless. This year I have started "school time". I was a little tired of the "are we done yet?" and the getting too involved in some sort of game or fantasy play during a 5 min break. So for this year- and it is going quite well- we have school time from 8:30-11:00 am. My oldest, Rylan, has his assignments/subjects he must cover that day written as a checklist on the whiteboard. He can choose the order, with my input to put things like our sceince/history last since it is a family affair. Cale, my Kindergartener, has the books he must work from set out on the table for him and then I will verbally tell him anything else he must complete. When he wants a break from the more intense he will take a break and pull something off the approved shelves. Some easy, some harder, but all requiring the use of his mind, small motor control or other beneficial skill.

Since all the school is done in the mornings, our afternoons are fairly free. Lunch at 11:30, an hour of quiet time for everyone to be/play on their own from 12:12-1:15. Then any out-of-the-house activities: errands, outside, visiting friends, etc...Other than assigned chores they are free to think of whatever they want to fill their time.

So far, I am really liking the new schedule. It has taken a lot of the problems out of our day. Especially getting them back into a school frame of mind after lunch and quiet time.


  1. I think the "routine" mentality would work better for me, too. thanks for posting your thoughts.

  2. It's interesting, just as you are getting into the 'routine' swing of things, I'm in the process of deschooling myself (of course, my kids no nothing about traditional school, so they don't need it. :-)). Which means less routine and more grabbing onto those teachable moments. Of course, that's going to morph into something different as well, but it's so nice to have the flexibility to change things up, isn't it?

    Good for you for finding your school groove!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, BTW, it's a very cozy place to come hang out. I think of it as one of those warm coffee shops in the wintertime, when you come in, order a steamed almond milk , sink into a comfy slouchy couch and chat with your neighbor about fun, interesting things.

  3. This is our 8thyr homeschooling. I still use the ' meals at about the same time' and then just fill in the rest as it gets done. the aim is to have school done by 3- but not a big (to me) if it's not (but the boys don't get computer time if its done by 3)

    I have 3 boys.I wanted 5. I need to be content.
    *this is my 1st participation in the HSBA themes, it's been fun

  4. I like your idea of writing the daily list of what to do's on the whiteboard for you older son and then letting him tackle it in his own way :) I may try this for my oldest with his independent work and see if it works out. We still seem to do a lot of work together though so he may not go for it *grin*. Looks like you're off to a great start!! Enjoy your year :)

  5. Very interestin to read and you sound exactly how I would do things. Currently I am only doing preschool at home. When we eventually move (whenever our house sells) I'll be homeschooling full time. It's been fun seeing how you run your home. (Oh, and we are a family of introverts as well...)