The History of the Earth

The boys finished up their Earth's History timeline books today. We talked and read about different major occurences during the Earth's history from it's formation to present history.

Everyday we talked about a different period of time. The boys would listen to me talk or we would read a section of a book and then they would draw their representation of what was happening. Then each would dictate a sentence or 2 about what we just talked about. Sometimes I would write for Cale or I would write both of thier sentences on separate boards and they would copy it into their books.
Rylan got a bit frustrated at the end. He was fine drawing planets and meteors and even dinosaurs, but once the mammals started showing up he got a little frustrated with his drawing abilities. But overall he enjoyed the project. He was especially interested in just how long a billion years was. I didn't find this until we were already into our project, but I am saving it for next time: The History of the Earth...One Square at a Time

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