The Week in Pictures

Tuesday we went to the first cub scout meeting of the year; which doubled as a picnic and boat race. Rylan's "boat" is the raft at the top about to be placed in the water. He had fun making it...mostly because he used the handsaw. Yah, he could have snapped the sticks into the right size, but sawing is much more fun.

Here is Lakin "helping" Rylan with his math. He layed here with him for a little while, every so often rolling his head onto Rylan's book and laughing. Rylan was a good sport. Usually he gets very snippy and frustrated when there is too much noise or distraction while he does his math. This time he just laughed at Lakin or ignored him and kept working.

And Cohen sorting some more. He enjoyed this one more than the sorting into colored bowls. Now Cohen on the other hand got very frustrated with Lakin's "help"

Our first batch of pearsauce. Only 7 jars, I think I'll just can sliced pears with the rest.

And finally, a look at what has taken over the house. These little guys just keep on multiplying. For years we had just a few, they got played with every so often. Then we got cable last year. And one morning Paul flipped though and landed on the Speed Channel. From 7-8 every morning Monster Jams is on. So they began watching it while they wake up and eat thier breakfast. Now we have close to 25 trucks. Cohen got 6 for his birthday, and between them they have bought 6 more with their birthday money. They spend most of their free inside playtime driving them in elaborate storylines.


  1. My boys (ages 8 and 10) love those little monster trucks. We don't have cable, so they have never seen Monster Jam, but I think they would love it if they did! :D

    Thanks for the visit to my blog, and for the comment! :D

  2. Okay my son just saw the Monster Trunks and said "AWESOME"! We are currently discussing trading Sid the Science Kid for Monster Jams.

  3. Are you near a Costco? I was just there today, and I saw a Hotwheels track thingy specifically for the monster trucks. Harrison was really eyeing it b/c we have our fair share of those too. The track somehow causes some pretty cool crashes.