A Successful Trip to the Mountains

We went up to Townsend on Tuesday. Rylan caught a couple fish, then we decided to head up to the park (The Great Smokey Moutain Nat'l Park). It was a wonderful day- overcast, not too hot and not too humid. The mountains were very "smoky" and beautiful as always. Within a few minutes Paul uncovered a good sized crayfish- it didn't photograph well...but Lakin enjoyed it for a minute before going back to throwing river rocks.

But as we were about to let it go, Paul found this little one:

And once again, as they were about to let the 2 crayfish go....Paul found this under the same large rock:
Cohen was pretty proud of itOnce all the animal catching was done with, and Paul was attempting to teach Cohen how to skip stones, and Lakin was busy throwing any tiny rock he could find into the water, this little boy decided to build a dam:

He had a fairly good foundation built before the "boss" stepped in to help

As always, the cry of " I need to use the bathroom!!!!" Cut the trip shorter than anyone really wanted.


  1. Big D always says, "Every boy needs a rocky creek," and I think he's right! Great pics!

  2. Wow.

    That was an awesome trip. My girls love streams, rocks and Amphibians and Crustaceans. And bugs... oh and dirt....hmmm, I think 'Every girl needs a rocky creek' as well. We sure do!

    Wonderful pictures. It's so great that you have access to a place like this!