New skills....

Saturday afternoon one of the training wheels broke completely off of Cale's bike. It was his 3rd broken wheel. He'd already ran though the 2 that came with his bike and was now onto the 2 that we took off of Rylan's bike. We have a running deal with the boys that they get a new bike when they learn to ride on 2 wheels. We've tried a number of times with Cale, at his request, but he wasn't ready. He leaned a lot and overcorrected, a lot. But out of necessity this time, we took off the remaining training wheel and gave it a shot. He didn't fall. He didn't lean. He just rode off...

He only goes maybe 20 ft at a time before he stops himself and falls over because he's going too fast to simply put his foot down. He's ready for a new bike now....and is in need of one too....his seat padding has been fading fast and the rust is creeping up too....

Here's the other skill he learned yesterday:

Can you see what he's doing??
That of course made me have to step up and do it never bothered me as a kid. I loved dissections in school. Now?? eww!! I'd better get over it so I can do dissections with the boys before too long!

We've been fishing a lot. It's one of Rylan's favorite things to do. We've been going down to Fort Loudon since it's close to our house once or twice a week. Working on Rylan's fishing belt loop and pin for cub scouts. Of course he is supposed to bait a hook- he can do corn, he can do artificial lures, he can pick up a worm and play with it....but stab it with a hook a few times?? No way!


  1. Hey there, Sarah. Yes, I'm the Katina you knew in high school. Congrats on your beautiful family! I have 3 boys of my own and am begging for a 4th baby (knowing full well it's going to be another boy), but my husband thinks we're done with 3. We'll see. I'm homeschooling preschool right now, but my oldest just turned 4 so we aren't doing kindergarten yet. I am a member of the Fantastic Fridays homeschool group (although I haven't been to the coop yet--we will beginning in January). It's so good to hear from you!

  2. Hey there! I just found your blog on blogger. I too homeschool.. and live in TN.

    It's always nice to meet other homeschool moms.

  3. Oh! I need you to bring the boys up here and show Fuchsia how it's done, because I can't get this girl to ride a bike even with training wheels! She's 7! By that age I was LIVING on my bicycle.
    Oh well, different strokes for different folks- good job on the bike riding!!!
    Enjoy your new training-wheel-free existence!