More Solar Oven Fun

Today Cale brought 2 eggs in from the henhouse that had cracks. (That's what happens when 7 chickens try and lay in the same nest.) So since it was nice and sunny, we decided to bring out our solar oven.

Okay, so it wasn't actually "so hot you could fry an egg" today but we tried anyway. Rylan and Cale cracked their eggs in a metal pan, and I set a thermometer in the oven and we closed it up and faced it toward the sun. My themometer only went up tp 120 deg. F and it hit that within the first 5 minutes so I am not sure exactly how hot it got in there.

Again there were a few flaws in our plan. The main one being the winds blowing in the cold front coming our way were pretty gusty. Gusty winds aren't a match with a non-weighed down cardboard box and a stick. So after about 10 min we left the oven to fly kites while we waited and the box gets blown. One egg spilled out. After about 20 minutes the whites of the remaining egg were starting to cloud up a bit, but then another gust came by and that was that.

If we happen to have another 90 degree day, we'll give it another shot. It looked very promising. It might have taken a few hours....but I think it would have cooked.


  1. I love your solar oven! Before I ask questions though, I'm gonna check out your first post about it, so I don't look dumb!!

  2. That is great. I think it is wonderful that you are willing to try again even after it would have taken a few hours for your eggs to cook. lol! Your such a great mama.


  3. oh wow! that looks like so much fun. Now that the weather is cooling off up north we might have to wait till next year to try this, but I am definitely going to add it to our list.