I know the big concern for homeschoolers is socialization. And I have no fears that my kids will have the proper people skills. There are 4 of them. They know how to share. They know how to interact. They go out in public and act accordingly. I'm not really worried about socialization. I am however a little worried about socializing. There is a tremendous amout you can learn from other kids and other families. And I think we fall short in this area.

We are a family of introverts. Well, Paul and Cale aren't. They talk. To anyone. Sometimes Cale plays shy, but he's not. Now the rest of us....we don't talk. It's hard to make friends and socialize when you have a hard time talking to new people. Since I suffer from the same affliction it's hard for me to get out there and work for my boys.

We have a very light extracurricular schedule this fall. No enrichment classes. So sports so far. Cubscouts for my oldest is it. We are trying to add something...something within our oldest says no to everything. No soccer, no baseball, no swimming, no gym, no karate,no music lessons. I'm just going to have to force him.

I can tell they crave the interaction. When they see our neighbor they talk incessantly to him. His 8-yr old son has recently come to live with him and they have attatch themselves to him. He is not *my* ideal friend for them, but he is polite enough and nice enough but I can tell he's a video game kid and gets bored with them and their imagination toys. But give them a group of people and they cling to me. If I set up something with one of my friends- who mostly have kids 4 and under- they go on and on with the mom and play with the kids....but...others outside of a homesetting....they clam up.

So what does a house full of introverts do??


  1. We're a family of extroverts so I can't exactly sympathize...but are a few suggestions to invite people to your house:

    -host an "art group", like the Artful Parent has done with preschoolers. invite other homeschool families - or take turns hosting, coming up with ideas...there are TONS on the web. One of my favorites - if Mr. Intensity was older::

    -host some kind of "exercise/sports day" which could be something like each of your boys plans an event or game...or portion of an obstacle course

    -do you have a copy of "dangerous book for boys"? go through that book with friends/neighbors...there are TONS of inexpensive boy ideas in there.

  2. The running joke at my wife's job is, "What do you call an extrovert at TRAC?" (TRAC is an army acronyn for her unit)

    "A person who looks at someone else's shoes."

    All of these people were public schooled.

    Your children, if they attended public schools, would still be introverts. They would be introverts exposed to a lot more than they are now, much of which isn't really healthy.

    I agree with Julie's suggestions, especially about the "Dangerous Book for Boys." My oldest loves it!

  3. I was always public schooled and have always been better with one on one or small groups than large groups. I am a very extroverted person... but get me in a tight crowd and I have issues.

    I think that your kids would be like that no matter what. I have the kids that talk to everybody... but get them in a tight crowd and they start to freak out a little bit... acting out, etc. I think they are like me.

    I honestly think that so much of children's behavior has to do with the parents than other kids. Whether homeschooled or not. I have seen many a kid in public school that people would label at a glace "homeschooled". If you know what I mean. Eventually, friends play a factor. But for the first many yeas (like decade) other kids seem to play much less of a role in the lives of children.

    I hope I am making sense... lol... my kids don't sleep.

    That comes from my husband.


  4. Thanks for the book suggestion- looks like our library carries it.

    I know this isn't a homeschool/PS question. I don't want the socializing my kids would get in PS,

    Just frustrated with my lack in ability to just throw out invitations to people or plan get together which in turn gives them no help on the socializing front.