Moveable Alphabet

I ordered this from Lakeshore Learning and it was delivered yesterday afternoon. All 4 boys immediately began to play around with the letters. But today I worked them into our school day. First Cohen and I used them after our "A" scavenger hunt to spell out all the items we found around the house starting with the "ahh" sound.
And here is Cale working on his first set of sight/instant words. He was using our small flip book for spelling, but I can tell it really helped him read the words. Especially since he would read the entire list as he added a new word.Rylan also wanted to use these today. He decided to spell out all of this week's spelling words (-dge words) to help him practice for his spelling test tomorrow.


  1. very neat! I'd love to have a set, it's on my Christmas list.

  2. Those are great letters! Lakeshore Learning is a neat place to get things. I've been following your blog for awhile, and I wanted to tell you have the coolest pictures! Enjoying reading about your homeschooling adventures...