Trying to do it all....

I have been thinking things over the past week....and I know one thing for's not a good sign that I am approaching burnout 40 days into our school year. I know what my problem is too. I use little or no preplanned curriculum. I have random workbooks- my kids use ETC (2.5 and 7) 2 times a week. My oldest does have a math curriculum: Mastering Mathematics. But there are somethings that won't be covered, and with a mastery program I have to add some review in every so often. They have writing books- but we only use those 2 times a week too, since I try to encourage more natural writing. I form all of our science and social studies lessons, I do my Kindergartener's math and both language other than the Explode the Code.

This problem is an extension of my personality. I am very much a "put on a happy face" kind of girl. Sort of like a toddler that say "I can do it myself!". I can do it myself. My kids are learning and enjoying the lessons I make. BUT....what's the price? I know I am incapable of following a premade curriculum completely. But I could alter it just a bit to fit our family but still leave all the research and activity planning to someone else.

But my other problem is that I am very very picky. I can find a problem with almost everything. Too much bookwork, not enough hands on. Too easy, simplistic, etc. And more often than thoughts are...I can do that myself...for free. So then I am back to the beginning...nearing burnout because I spend most of my waking hours teaching the kids or planning to teach the kids.

In the past few months I have looked at various curricula. But I am very indecisive, another personality flaw. I am the queen of " I don't know", always have been. Plus last year I gave in to the pull and bought Sing Spell Read and Write and, well, I wasn't too impressed.

This summer I looked somewhat seriously at Sonlight. A couple of reason's held me back- one big one being the price, but in the end decided while I liked the look of it overall, I don't think it would be the right fit for our family right now. But I may revisit once everyone is a bit older.

A few days ago I came across something new....Moving Beyond the Page. I haven't looked it over completely. Seems good. I've read some good reviews, some mixed reviews. The price is high too. Although the option to go cheaper and buy only one concept is I could test it for a few weeks without buying the entire thing. Or....

I could keep doing it by myself for free.....

and I am right back to where I started....

Sometimes it would be useful to be one of those shopoholic women who buy on a whim...especially when I bring up a discussion like this with my husband and it goes like this...

me: I found this new curriculum that might be pretty good.
him: buy it
me: but it is pretty expensive...
him: buy it
me: but it might not work out and then it would be a waste
him: BUY IT!!!!


  1. I'm reaching out into blogspace to give you a big hug, you feelin' it?

    I know what you are going through because I do it to myself all the time. I bought the Calvert 1st grade and we've made it halfway through but not without some serious problems developing between myself and my eldest daughter. Not worth it, in my opinion now, because we now have so much backtracking to do on our relationship that it's ridiculous. The siren song of the pre-packaged curriculum is strong, but you can use it to your advantage if you don't get married to it. I am reading the book Deschooling Gently right now and it's helping me as "Mom and Teacher" more than I thought it would. Hang in there, the stress and insecurity DOES pass!
    Hugs again!

  2. We must be twins.I'm so indesive. I sent my kids to school which was a big mistake. I'm so burnout. I just need a break. I'm going to pull them out in a couple of months.

    Take a depth breath and enjoy a coke!

  3. Hang in there and relax. You'll be fine.

    I realize that Sonlight is not forever, but the Guarantee does allow you to try it out for half of a school year to decide if it works for you, if/when you decide to give it a try.

    May you find the perfect fit for you and your family!


  4. Since I am not an official homeschooler, I don't have much experience. But sending you *hugs* anyways.. It seems like this is a common problem for my homeschooling friends. Also, everyone I know who uses Sonlight has been VERY happy, but have had to supplement some math (math u see) and some phonics.. Keep us posted on your progress.. :)